Are You Looking To Hire Rockstar Salespeople?

Every company struggles with hiring the correct salespeople that fit. Often, the most expensive part of this process of finding the right candidates. 

At Lieberman Training we specialize in strategically placing rockstar salespeople in jobs that suite them best.

Our Services

We train sales professionals with our unique Rockstar Sales Training program and place them in a sales position that's best suited for them. 

Recruitment Services

Sales Job Placement

Salespeople thrive in an environment that motvates them. Strategic placement is the key to success for all sales positions.

Lieberman Training works with your company to determine your needs. We then recruit and train your candidates to ensure a smooth on-boarding.

Team Training

Have you hired new salespeople and are struggling with sales? Lieberman Training provides in-depth team training for a full array of industries.



Eastern Union Funding

" When Adam began consulting for Eastern Union, we were closing roughly $2 billion a year in commercial financing.

Implementing Adam’s phenomenal sales and motivational training helped build the confidence of our sales team, resulting in doubling our production - we closed $4 billion in 2017!

He refined Eastern Union from an operational focus to the sales culture we needed, and I would strongly recommend him. " 

-  Ira Zlotowitz, President

- Ben Mandelbaum, COO

Senior Planning Services

" Adam provided our sales team with informative and practical techniques. By implementing these techniques, our sales team is more confident and successful. This education and experience has helped drive up our bottom-line! "

" Adam came into my previous company ( and created a new sales process, compensation plan, and gave us customized sales training. His techniques literally helped double our sales! He was one of my first calls when I started my new company "

- Bernard Warman, CEO

" We've found Mr Lieberman to be an invaluable resource to our charity. Our team thoroughly enjoyed training with him, and the effectiveness of his techniques were readily apparent in our significantly higher sales success rate. We recommend him highly."

 - Fraidy Jerusalem

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  • Are you currently in a sales position and are looking to take your career to the next level? 

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Adam Lieberman is training professionals just like you in a focused sales training program.


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Are you frustrated with hiring the wrong people for your sales teams?

Are you looking for the perfect sales professional to really boost your bottom line? 

At Lieberman Training, we give our students the tools and know-how to transition into Rockstar Sales professionals in the industry that is best suited for them. 

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About Us

Adam Lieberman is the founder of Lieberman Training and is an internationally renowned sales trainer, executive coach and business consultant. With his experience of over 2 decades in the field, he has personally trained thousands of salespeople and business leaders from a wide spectrum of industries. He's helped create countless sales superstars and companies. His unique, targeted and practical advice has an immediate and lasting impact on organizations, senior management and individual performance.

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